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2010 round up


I wish i had more time for this shot

Late last year i got to work with a great bunch of people who i've wanted to work with for some time now and i look forward to working with them again real soon except for the one publisher dude.Queen Motlatle did the make up,Oratile Seabela did the styling,Mandisa was the model,Helen Hirimbi is responsible for getting everybody together and the publisher guy is still a dick wart. 


#GetPutOn with the Aquarian Ox

Some time ago i worked with a friend of mine Ayanda of  Aquarian Ox on a couple of shots for his #GetPutOn project and these are some of the shots from that day...


unfinished projects

I've realized over the holidays while going through some work on my hard drive that i've got a whole bunch of unfinished projects that i need to take up again and this particular one is based on Musangwe.what is Musangwe?Many years ago, herders from two Venda villages were forced to share a cattle dip and a rivalry started over it’s use. The herders started to challenge each other(often to sort out grudges or disagreements) and Musangwe was born.Venda’s traditional fist fights or Musangwe,was first started in the 1800’s and only one man has died as a result in 1939.Residents from different parts of the province gather for the annual Venda traditional fist fight at an area called Gaba-Tshaulu and according to tradition no women are allowed to participate or even to watch and the reason behind this it’s said to be that if their husbands are defeated by other men, women could lose their respect for their spouses...If you've ever seen David Fincher's Fight Club with Edward Norton and Brad Pitt then this kinda like one of the very first fight clubs and it happens to be right here in our very own backyard.